frugal skills

This is a comprehensive list of all the skills that frugal people use to save money. Mastering these frugal skills will save you thousands of dollars a year! These frugal skills overlap with homesteading, survival and homemaking skills. Obviously not all of these skills are practical for everyone due to time, financial and lifestyle constraints, but you should learn what you can because these skills will come in handy and definitely save you money.

  1. Food Preserving
  2. Canning
  3. Freezing
  4. Dehydrating
  5. Pickling
  6. Fermenting
  7. Gardening
  8. Container Gardening
  9. Fruits, Vegetables Gardens
  10. Herb Gardens
  11. Organic Gardening
  12. Sprouting
  13. Composting
  14. Foraging
  15. Propagation 
  16. Seed Saving
  17. Stockpiling
  18. Woodworking
  19. Carpentry
  20. Welding
  21. Hunting
  22. Processing Game
  23. Fishing
  24. Cleaning, Filleting Fish
  25. Farming
  26. Harvesting
  27. Animal Husbandry
  28. Raising, Handling & Training Livestock
  29. Animal Maintenance 
  30. Hoof trimming
  31. Castration
  32. Medical
  33. Veterenary skills
  34. Shearing
  35. Sewing
  36. Mending
  37. Alternations
  38. Repair
  39. Hemming
  40. Cooking
  41. Bread-Making
  42. Yogurt-Making
  43. Cheese-Making
  44. Meal Planning
  45. Scratch Cooking
  46. Butchering
  47. Baking
  48. Off Grid Cooking (No electricity) – campfire, smoking, solar, etc.
  49. Food Waste Reduction –  Use everything to prevent food from going to waste. Make vegetable stock out of vegetable scraps (onion skin, celery stems, carrot peels, etc.). Regrow vegetables using food scraps. Use a whole chicken carcass to make chicken stock.
  50. Rendering Fat
  51. Cast Iron Care and Handling
  52. Wood Stove Cooking
  53. Home Brewing
  54. Beekeeping – Honey is SO expensive and beeswax has many uses.
  55. Couponing
  56. Haggling
  57. Shopping. You need to know when to buy what, what are good prices, how to get discounts, etc.
  58. Budgeting
  59. Bartering
  60. Repair & Maintainance
  61. Home Repairs
  62. Car Repairs
  63. Painting
  64. Plumbing
  65. Pest Control
  66. Electrical / Mechanical Repairs
  67. Lawn Care
  68. DIYs
  69. DIY Beauty & Personal Hygiene Products
  70. DIY Cleaners
  71. DIY Home Decor
  72. DIY Furniture
  73. DIY Gifts
  74. Crafting – If you know how to craft these things, then you won’t need to buy them. Also, you could sell them to make a profit or give them as gifts so you won’t have to buy gifts for special occasions. 
  75. Candle-Making
  76. Weaving
  77. Needlework
  78. Crocheting
  79. Quilting
  80. Soap-Making
  81. Jewelry Making
  82. Basket Making
  83. Hairdressing
  84. Thrifting
  85. Selling – Knowing where and how to sell things can save you a great deal of money.
  86. Creative Thinking
  87. Penny Pinching
  88. Problem Solving
  89. Upcycling and Repurposing Things
  90. Planning and Organization
  91. Researching – Knowing how to find the information that you need to save money. For instance, being able to look up all the discount/salvage grocery stores near you so that you can save money on groceries.
  92. Personal Finance 
  93. Bargain Hunting
  94. Antiquing – Antiques are high quality which is why they are still around. If you are a skilled at antiquing, then you can find some excellent items for a great value that will last you a lifetime and that can be passed down for generations.
  95. Home Remedies
  96. Rainwater Harvesting
  97. Purifying Water
  98. Splitting, Stacking and Cutting Firewood
  99. Pantry Stocking
  100. Pasteurizing Milk
  101. Skinning, Tanning & Leather Working
  102. Using Alternative Energy Sources
  103. Trapping
  104. Wildcrafting
  105. Scavenging

What frugal skills do you have that help you save money?
Tell me in the comments